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Anxiety is a normal response to a threat. When a person perceives that they are threatened, a fight or flight response is triggered within the brain, which aims to protect the organism. Your counselling or coaching in Vaughan will help better interpret the outside triggers for a more balanced and desired  response.  

If you are searching for individual counselling in Vaughan, you are at the right place. Together, we will look for behaviours and thinking patterns that have prevented you from living the life you want.

 We are offering Online and Telephone Individual and Family Counselling Services


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been empirically proven to be effective in addressing issues related to stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

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During our Family or Couple Counselling sessions we will focus on reaching your most important goals in improving your relationship with significant others.

The Anxiety Solutions Centre is dedicated to help many talented and committed people reach their higher level of potential.