What is CBT ?

Anxiety Solutions


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a problem oriented therapy, which focuses on present and future and involves a strong working alliance between therapist and client.

CBT has been empirically proven to be effective in addressing issues related to stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. Moreover, the research studies suggest that you can get long lasting relief from out of control anxiety, panic or depression, once you go through a CBT counselling program.

Anxiety is one of the most common conditions experienced today. Some people struggle to control their worry, fear or panic, but often they find that the more they try to control or to escape those issues the worse their symptoms are getting and the worse their quality of life becomes.

During our counselling sessions, we will work to develop your skills to recognise automatic and distressing thoughts and how these thoughts are impacting your mood or behaviour.  CBT can also help you recognise thoughts that are keeping you up at night but do not help you deal with the worry or solve your problems.  

Depression is a debilitating mood disorder, which is one of the greatest cause of human suffering around the world. One of the main characteristics of depression is the fact that it leads one to have negative thoughts and feelings about the self, the world and the future.

Many scientific studies have shown that CBT for depression disorders is effective and has generated more durable effects and lower relapse rates than antidepressant medications alone.