Anxiety Solutions


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a basic emotional experience for all human beings as well as most animal species. Even though anxiety can be unpleasant, research shows that it is not dangerous. Actually, in some cases, it can be helpful. During the therapeutic sessions sessions, your therapist will help you understand anxiety and will help you develop skills on how to manage your anxiety instead of "how to get rid” of the anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal response to threat. When somebody perceives that they are threatened, a fight or flight response is triggered within the body, which aims to protect the person. The fight or flight response creates a general activation of the whole body. This is why some people might feel some of the following symptoms when the anxiety kicks in: rapid heart beats, hot or cold flashes, sweating, cold clammy hands, feeling on the edge, dry mouth, etc

To help you reduce and manage anxiety, the therapist will work collaboratively with you to: 1) inform you about anxiety disorders, their mechanisms (how they work) and what maintains anxiety; 2) create your own anxiety profile and a plan on how to overcome your worries; 3) coach and help you develop relaxation and personal coping skills.

It is important to remember that anxiety is a normal emotion and is not dangerous. Anxiety symptoms have an important role in our body. They are a reaction to perceived threat and can help us respond to the threat. Nevertheless, excessive anxiety is problematic.

If you experience excessive anxiety in any areas of your life and you are ready to seek help, feel free to call your Anxiety Solutions Therapist at 647-973-1415.