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Smoking Cessation Program


  • Why should I stop smoking?

Research studies have shown that smoking reduces quality of life by causing premature disability and it shortens the quantity of life by aproximately 10 years (Doll, Peto, Boreham, & Sutherland, 2004 in Perkins, Conlin, Levine, 2008). In addition, the family members of smokers are often exposed to significant amounts of second hand smoke, which is harmful for their health.

  • Why should I enroll in counselling  to stop smoking?

Wanting to stop smoking is often not enough. Even though many smokers try to stop smoking on their own, their rate of success is significantly lower when compared with simple advise to stop smoking, received from health professionals or comparded with success outcomes as a result of counselling services (Lancaster & Stead, 2005).